Thursday, November 1, 2018

8 hours white noise for babies, Anti colic sounds for sleep

Calm your crying baby with colic with this white noise of 8 hours long and on black screen. This anti colic sounds will help you baby fall asleep and also you won't be so tired and you can sleep too. In first months of life you should use this type of white noise everyday and sounds like hair dryer or vacuum cleaner are the best for calming babies. For more sound effects and relaxing music please browse our website or YouTube channel to find what is best for you.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Seagulls sounds with ocean waves sound effect for sleep

Seagulls sounds with ocean waves sound effect are best for sleeping and also for relaxation. This white noise is 1 hour long and is on black screen for best results. For me ocean waves are the best sound to relax because it makes me feel in vacation even when I`m at work. You may want to listen other sounds from nature like rain sounds and wind chimes and I`m sure you will like it. Please don't forget to subscribe if you enjoy this sounds!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Wind chimes and rain on a tin roof sounds for relaxation on black screen

Wind chimes and rain on a tin roof are the best sounds for relaxation on black screen. This white noise is one hour long so you can fall asleep fast and easy with it. You can also like to listen other wind chimes and rain sounds with birds singing that will relax you. This sound effect is most relaxing for me. When there is a little bit of wind outside and I hear wind chimes it makes me feel very relaxed. Also rain sounds are good for healing sound therapy and should help you sleep. All videos from this channel are on dark screen so there will be no light to bother you while sleeping. There are also videos of 15 minutes length and also of 8 hours so you can listen in one work break or all night.
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